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Appendix A

Contents of 31 letters in AIR/ 399, in file order, from the general public suggesting names for the ships :-

1. Jonica
2. Mary Elizabeth
3. Wonderer, Pilgrim, Scout Hawk, Observer, Rainbow, Welcome, Reformer, Modesty, Unity
4. Omega
5. Reliance
6. Britannia
7. Wanowan
8. Silver King, Silver Queen
9. Pax Vobis, Pax Nobis
10. The Areoneoone
11. Great Scout
12. ORION (OR10IN), Viga, Sirius, Jupiter, Algol
13. St George
14. Omega
15. Airlanthian, Airlantic, Cloud Stray, Sky Rambles, Sky Rambler, Sky Scout, Empire Rambler, Air Pioneer, Sky Pilot, British Airlust,
Air Rover Majesty
16. City of Norwich
17. Captain James Cook
18. Englands Pride
19. Mara Avis, Nil Desparandum
20. The Dawn
21. Curator
22. 101 Royal Princess Elizabeth, Great Britain R101
23 Dominion Prince, Empire Queen
24 Sea Swallow
25 H.M.A. Indiaman, H.M.A. Aeronautic, H.M.A. Windsor
26. Titania, Goliath
27. Valliant
28. Recovery
29. Mercury
30. Empire Link, Empire Bond
31. Rex Imperator

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