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Country : Malta Location: Possibly Luqa
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Base Facilities
Malta had always been seen as a strategic location for an airship mooring station, whether as an emergency base or a full refuelling stop. Initially the British Government had looked at Malta as one of the key "friendly" emergency landing sites for the route down to Egypt.


The island proved a safe harbour in case an airship was to get in to trouble. In the 1927 proposals, a landing site at Malta was only deemed in case of possible emergency. However in view of the lower than expected performance of both the R100 and R101, due to the very high specification requirements, it was decided by September of 1930 that to run a proper commercial service a requirement for full mast to be built at Malta as a stop off for the fully loaded R100/R101 before reaching the Ismailia mast. It would also include limited base facilities and also refuelling and re-gassing facilities if required.

In the September 1930 plans, funding was granted as part of the budget for the Maltese facilities to be constructed during the next phase of Airship Development, with the R102, and extension to the Cardington facilities.

No details of the actual location of the site on Malta have been found however is is suspected that the site of the International Airport at Luqa


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