A60+ Trial Flights Photo Gallery
All photo's copyright and kindly reproduced courtesy of AHT Member Trevor Monk and his Howard Monk, based at Cardington who kindly keep an eye out and a record of the flights of the new A60+ - the latest airship to be constructed and fly from Cardington..
=> Sunday 23rd May 2004

After the suscessful certification of the A60, the ship enjoys it's first trial flight in it's new T Mobile livery around the Cardington site. The weather being perfect for further speed and turning trials.

Special thanks to Howardand Trevor Monk for the use of the photos.

A60 + test flight : Sunday 23rd May 2004,
flight lengh = unknown
flight area = Cardington airfield
pics taken = aprox 1.15pm
Trial description = Various landings and take offs.

A60 + in landing and take off practice
**More photo's to follow as an when the A60 makes further flights.