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Skyships Stories

Tales of the life of a Skyship Pilot


What was it like to fly these wondeful machines? In the Skyship Stories videos, we here from Airship Industries pilot and AHT member, Rod Burgess who explains what it was like to fly Skyship, but also what life was like on the road on tour with Airship Industries in the 1980's.

The original interview was over 2 hours long and so we've broken this down in to a series of illustrated and annimated episodes, with each one covering a different part of skyship piloting.

Special thanks to AHT member Stephan Niemeyer for his excellent 3D annimations which really brought the series to life and illustrate the topics.

Episode 1: How to become a Skyship Pilot
Episode 2: Skyships on Tour
Episode 3: The Great Blimp Race
Episode 4: Flying Skyships
Episode 5: Factors in Flying
Episode 6: Landing Skyships
Episode 7: Ground Handling Skyships
Episode 8: Skyships in the Snow


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