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Vickers mooring-out system

As part of the Vickers Airship plans, the "Masterman" airship mast was devised.

The following texts is taken from Vickers' own brochure regarding the "Masterman" mooring out system. More of the rigid mast can be see on the Trans-Oceanic page.

The Mooring Masts for Rigid Airships.

The only experiments made with Mooring Masts for Rigid Airships have been carried out to our designs, and all gear in connection therewith has been designed and manufactured throughout at our Works. We are now able to arrange for the landing and mooring of rigid airships of any size by means of automatic devices for which we hold the Patents, entirely obviating the use of large bodies of men for handling parties.

Designs for Commercial Aerodromes complete in all details, equipped with Vickers Standard Mooring Mast suitable for passenger service, can be prepared to suit any requirements. Existing rigid airships may be modified to take our Patent Mooring and landing Gear, enabling them to land and remain moored at any Air Station provided with Mooring Masts.

Mooring Masts for Non-Rigid Airships.

Mooring Masts for Non-Rigid Airships have been designed And made by us in conjunction with Brigadier-General E. A. Masterman, C.M.G, R.A.F., the holder of the Patents for the only successful type of non-rigid mooring mast yet produced. Ships equipped with these mooring masts have withstood gales of over 50 m.p.h. without loss or damage, while landing at the mast and leaving for a flight are readily accomplished in winds of any average velocity. We are prepared to undertake the manufacture of mooring masts for non-rigid airships of any size under Ceneral Masterman's Patents.


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