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Vickers Passenger Carrying Cruiser

Vickers designs also included a smaller rigid for continental mail and passenger carrying.

The smaller of the passenger type cruiser airship would carry passengers in gondola slung below the hull. This ship was seen as an express passenger and mail carrier for trans continental traffic. As with the larger craft, this ship would have also been moored out with on the mooring masts. All Vickers ships were to be fitted with the universal docking attachments to enable them to be moored out to the "Masterman" patent type mooring mast.

Plan of the passenger cruiser ship

Gross Gas Capacity 1,250,000 cft
Length 535ft


Maximum Speed 65
Cruising Speed 45mph
Endurance at maximum speed 60 hours/ 4,000 miles
Endurance at cruising speed 150 hours/ 6,800 miles





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