4. W/T Chargehand:- S.T.Keeley.
W/T Operators:- G.K.Atkins, A.Disley, C.W.Larkins.
Chief Stewfard:- A.H.Savidge.
Steward:- F.Hodnett
Cook:- E.A.Grallam.
Galley Boy: J.W.Megginson.

The flying crew therefore consists of five officers and 37 men, and the total number on board (unless there are alterations later) will be 53.

An airship normally flies with a two-watch crew but on the outward journey a three watch crew is being carried so that the services of the third watch may be available on arrival at Karachi. When an airship is moored one watch is always on duty, a stand-by watch is in close attendance and undertakes maintence duties during the day, and the third watch the - relief watch - is off-duty for 24 hours at a time.

As the conditions on the return journey from India are generally more unfavourable than on the outward passage it may be decided -particularly on the first flight - to curtail the numbers carried on the return passage in order that ample reserve of fuel can be carried to meet any adverse conditions.


Dark blue uniform recently approved for the Air Ministry Airship Crews will be worn on the flight probably as far as Egypt. but at this stage it may be necessary to change into tropical kit, for which arrangements have been made. The blue uniform consists of a reefer pattern jacket with gold buttons in the case of the Officers and black for the men, peaked cap, and badge consisting of a circle surmounted by a crown in the centre of which are the words "R .101" and on the circle "R.A.W. Cardington". Similar badges will be worn on the karaki tropical kit .

It should be noted that the Crew of R.101 is entirely composed of civilian personnel, with the exception of two officers and one N.C.O. of the Royal Air Force, who are seconded for duty on Airships.

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