Food Supplies etc.

On each section of the flight, i.e. Cardlington to Ismailia and Ismailia to Karachi, four days rations will be carried consisting of two days ordinary rations, 1 day's reserve rations and one day's emergency ration. The total amount of food will amount to 837 lbs. , which will be taken on board at Cardington and Ismailia on the outward flight and at Karachi and Ismailia on the homeward flight.

About 500 gallons of drinking and washing water will be carried during the flight.

Meals will be served in the Dining Room and will be cooked in the electrically equipped kitchen close-by.

The Airship will be cleared by Customs, Emigration and Medical Authorities before leaving Cardington and the necessary papers will be available for clearance in Egypt and India.

The amount of luggage allowed to each Officer or Passenger is 30 lbs, and to each member of the Crew 15 lbs

Signals Organization

H.M.A. R.101 is equipped for long-wave transmission on and for long and shortwave reception. Her call sign and registration mark is G.F.A.A.W. (The wave lengths are not being disclosed and it is hoped that private persons not attempt to transmit messages, as the Airship will be fully occupied in receiving meteorological information and in transmitting essential messages.

The signal organization is divided into five zones, the operating wireless ground stations being: -

Cardington Cardington to Marseilles 70 degrees E. Long
Malta Marseilles 70 degreesE Long to Crete 25 degress Long
Ismailia Crete 25degrees long to Ismalia
Ismailia Ismailia to Head of Persian Gulf 48 degrees E Long
Karachi Head of Persian Gulf 48 degrees E long to Karachi

The Airship will be in communication with these Stations in the order shown, and similar arrangements will be in force on the return flight.

The main chain of communication will be entirely by Royal Air Force Wireless Stations, with the exception that the Station in India is t Indian Governmnet Civil Station at Karachi.

During each stage there will be certain routine times both for the transmission and reception of messages. Progress reports will be despatched by the airship each day at midnight (G.M.T.), 6.00 a.m. (G.M.T.) noon (GM.T.) and 6p/m/ (G.M.T.)

The Karachi W/T Station is also fitted up with radio telephony so that the Captain of the Airship will be a ble to speak to the mooring Tower officer during landing.

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