Meteorological Arrangements-

Special attention has been devoted to the provision of adequate meteorological information throughout the fligh. The principal reports which will be supplied and picked up are:-

(a) A selection of the regular synoptic reports issued from the Meteorological Office. Air Ministry via the Air Ministry W/T Station.

(b) SpecIal reports from the Meteorological centres at Cardington, Malta, Ismailia, Baghdad, and the Indian Government Station at Karchi.

(c) Weather messages from steamships at sea.

(d) Regular synoptic reports from Continental countries on the route and adjoining territories.

The Meteorological Officer will prepare on board the Airship special weather charts every six hours, similar to those drawn daily at the Air Ministry, and the route followed will be mainly based on the deductions made from these charts.

Staff at Overseas Air Bases. -

The airship bases at Ismailia and Karachi are under the control of airship officers who were sent recently from the Royal Airship Works. Flying Officer H. F. Luck, R.A.F. is in charge at the former station and Lt. Commander H.W.Watt, R.N.R. of the latter. The nucleus of the mooring tower crew for each station were also sent from England. Additional men are being provided on the spot by the Royal Air Force and a certain number of Egyptians and Indians are also being employed.

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