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The Trust - The Council and it's Members

The Airship Heritage Trust was set up in 1985 by a group of dedicated enthusiasts and relatives of the original crew members. Over the last few years from its humble beginings the Trust has grown and worked very hard to where it is today, with it's membership of over 200 worldwide.

The Trust is managed by a Council of whom the activities and roles are split between members of the council. All council members are elected to the positions and 50% of the council is offered for election at each Annual General Meeting. We also invite members of our organisation to sit in on council meetings, and also participate in the Trust's activities, without the need to take an official Trustee position. If you are interested in joining the AHT and becoming a council member, or taking an offical but non Trustee position, then please contact us.

Alastair Lawson, Chairman & Webmaster

Brian Harrison, Vice-Chairman

Martin Penn, Company Secretary

Chris Angell, Finance Director & Treasurer

Paul Ross

Roger Allton, Membership Secretary

John Baker
Nigel Hills
Giles Camplin: Dirigible Editor (non voting)


The Airship Heritage Trust Council working together online
(Top Row: Martin Penn, Alastair Lawson, Chris Angell

Middle: Nigel Smith, Paul Ross, Giles Camplin

Bottom: Roger Allton, Brian Harrison)


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