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Airship Heritage Trust - Mobile Display

For many years, airships have provided a point of interest to many. At first the original small display at Cardington was operated next to the Hangers under the voluntary management of Frank Kiernan. The collection increased and enlarged and moved in to the RAF base at Cardington where a large mutli room display was open, by appointment, to the public. A second smaller display was on show as part of the Shuttleworth Collection in Biggleswade. In 1999 the AHT had to move following the closure of RAF Cardington and set up a small display at Shuttleworth.

It has always been a problem that people have to get to either Cardington or Shuttleworth to enjoy the pictures. In 1998 the launch of the AHT website enabled the collection to move forward to be shown to a larger global audience. However this too has it's limitations as only being able to be enjoyed by those who have access to the Internet.

As members always comment that they wish to help out but location is a problem, the problem has now been solved - the AHT display can now come to you !.

We have now two mobile displays consisting of a collection of some 21 A3 size laminated photographs. These have been expertly reproduced from the AHT Archive and Millennium display, and many are also featured in the excellent "R101 in Pictures" book. The display consists of photos showing the design and construction of the R101, detailing the work behind the ship; crew photos; the detail of the ship interiors, and the flights.

Also available are narrative labels, information on the Trusts activities, and a brochure is also available to display.

Seen to the left here is the display which was put up for a week at Harpenden Library, and then sent off to form the display at the Public Records Office in Kew.

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Full list of contents on display
PDF version of AHT Brochure

Many of you have always offered your help and now here is a way which you can really help promote the Trust and share some of historical photo history in the Trust's archives with others.

If you are interested in setting up the display for your local Library, community centre, workplace, school or college then please Email webmaster

This way, no matter where your location may be, the AHT can come to you and you can share these wonderful pictures with others who would not get the opportunity to see them.







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