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Length 197.6ft
Diameter 48.7ft
Speed 70mph
Volume 210,000cft





SkyShip 500HL (Heavy Lift).

Following the success of the Skyship 500, and AD500 series, and with the advent of the Skyship 600 in 1984, it was decided to adapt the Skyship 500 to allow more lift, and thus giving more versitility to the ship. It was decided to fit a Skyship 500, with a newer Skyship 600 envelope. The idea being that this would have the added advantage ofr some 30% more lift without any additional weight costs.

The first Skyship 500HL conversion was to SK500-04 whch first flew successfully in March 1984. In all a further 5 SK500's were converted to the HL format and flown. The first ship, registration G-SKSC was based in Paris for local flights over the city.

Airship Reference Registration Base Maiden Flight
500-04 (HL) G-SKSC Paris March 1984



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