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*LATEST EDITION OUT NOW* Summer 2022 (August 2022)

Welcome to the Dirigible Magazine Online Library

Dirigible is the Airship Heritage Trust in-house magazine, issued free of charge three times a year to members. Dirigible Magazine covers a wide range of airship topics, from the early days of lighter than air travel, to more recent decades.

The library contains all of our editions, starting from the first edition in April 1989, up to the present day.

The Dirigible Archive contains a wealth of articles from editions published when the organisation first started often submitted by the founder members of the Trust, and relatives of the airship crews. Many of the articles have never been published in books, and often contain the latest research and updates on the history of lighter than air travel.

Newsletters Archive

We also have a membership newsletter, and the newsletter archive can be accessed here



Dirigible Index Search

If you would like to search any subject in our extensive Dirigible archive, we have developed an index document which will enable you to quickly search and find a paper, article or photograph which has been published. The index has been produced for members to be able to quickly find previous articles and research. Click on the link and download the excel index file to search. Please click here (xls. spreadsheet)


The Airship Heritage Trust Journal - Dirigible - occasionally receives requests from readers for information concerning artifacts that they have come across or for answers to questions related to airship history to which no one among the readership responds. A selection of these unsolved mysteries are now being put before a wider audience on this webpage. If any reader can help in any way with information concerning any of the following then the editor would be delighted to hear from them.

Submitting a Article

To submit articles, photographs or comments; or to request advertising information, we are happy to accept email content in MS Word or test files along with the following photo file formats .jpg .png or .gif

To submit your artcile, please email our Editor Dr Giles Camplin

Or you can write to:

AHT Publications,
67 Gordon Road,
London SE15 2AF (Tel/Fax 0207 732 0488)

All submitted articles and photographs required for return must be accompanied by a suitably addressed envelope and full return postage. No responsibility can be assumed for unsolicited materials.

All letters (or email correspondence) sent to Dirigible will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and are subject to the Dirigible editor's unrestricted right to edit and comment editorially.

Acceptance of advertising does not in any way imply endorsement of either products or services by the AHT or Dirigible. We welcome any report of inferior merchandise or services delivered through our advertising so that corrective measures can be taken. The contents of Dirigible are copyright and no part of this publication may be reprinted, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form, or reproduced by any means, electrical, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission from the copyright owner.

We are pleased to offer access to our online editions free of charge, the PDF formatted editions can be downloaded below.

Please note that we keep the last 12 months editions exclusively available for our members only.


Should you wish to complete your collection of magazines, back copies of the Dirigible magazine are available in hard copy. If you require a copy then please email us for details. Please note that some editions are no longer available. We also have a number of dark blue Dirigible Binders available to hold your back copies perfectly. Each binder can hold up to 12 editions, equating to 4 years of magazines. Please email us for details.
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Dirigible Editor
Dr. Giles Camplin
67 Gordon Road, London SE15 2AF
Tel/Fax 0207 732 0488
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