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Airships - Select a ship from the list below to find out more information

Historical British Airships (1909 -1930)
Modern British Airships (1951+)
Compare the size of the rigid ships from HMA1 to the R101
The "Bournemouth" **new photos**
Compare the lifespan of the ships
Ship Plan

Non British Constructed but owned Airships

HMA 23

Airship Projects
Australian Airship Scheme - Details of the 1925 proposed airship programme **new**

German Airships - 1920 -1930

Expanded Airship Information research areas
Non Rigid Airships (1914 - 1930)
Rigid Airship Interiors - Details of the passenger accommodation in R100 & R101
Imperial Airship Service - Full Details of the 1924 - 1935 airship programme
Flight Logs Specifications
Mooring Programme for airships - details of proposed docking and rotating shed
Flight Logs Specifications
R 80 Passenger variant - Details of the passenger accommodation to be added to the R80 as planned commercial programme
R23X Class expanded research area - Full details of the HMA. 23 HMS 24 HMA 25 R26 R27 R28 R29 Class airship

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