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British Naval Airships by Brian Turpin

The defininitive history of all airships designed for the Royal Naval Air Service between 1909 and 1921,
and their subsequent development and operational use by that serivice during the Great War and after.

Illustrated with over 1,200 photographs, some 230 original line drawings and 19 colour plates set in a 4 volumes hardback set.

Published by the Airship Heritage Trust in cooperations with The Fleet Air Arm Museum

Price £125.00 plus postage and packing

Beginning with the Admiralty's over ambitious attempt to introduce a large rigid airship into service in 1911, the four volumes tell in detail the story of the wartime rigid airships and the less ambitious but more successful non rigid airships, of which over 200 were eventually built. Deployed against the German submarine fleet, they formed part of what eventually became a massive anti-submarine force of aircraft and warships which eventually defeated the U-boat menace.

Despite their success, after the war airships were neglected by both the Admiralty and the Royal Air Force, and the magnificent achievement of the R 34 in crossing the Atlantic to New York in July, 1919, was forgotten in the aftermanth of the R38 disaster.

Each airship type is described in full techincal detail, followed by their individual service histories, when operating from the numerous naval airship stations established around the British Isles and in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The rigid airship story is followed into the post war period and ends with the attempt to establish a civil airship programme using the R 33 and R 36, which eventually led to the ill-fated Imperial Airship Scheme.

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About the Author...

BRIAN TURPIN began his long career in aviation as an engineer, studying at the College of Aeronautical Engineering in London before joining the Royal Air Force in 1955. On leaving the RAF in 1960, he obtained his Commercial Pilots Licence and after working as a flying instructor for a few years joined his first airline operating a car ferry service across the English Channel.

After forty years of airline and executive flying, he retired from commercial aviaition in 2000. Still keen to contiue flying, he then joined a local flying club and worked as an instructor for the next sixteen years, finally retiring with over 23,000 flying hours.

His interest in balloons and airships began when he was a child, but it was not until 1972 that he was able to make his first balloon flight when he joined a local group of balloon enthusiasts in Essex. He subsequently gain his balloon pilots licence and has also flown in the Goodyear airship and later in the new Zeppelin NT.

Research in to the history of British naval airships began in the late 1960's and has continued ever since, resulting in numerous articles in aviation magazines, a previous book to the subject and the present four volumes.

A member of Air-Britain for many years, he recived the Air Writer of the Year Award in 1969 and again 2019, on both occassions for articles on British airship history.






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