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End of an airship
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Line Squall by Enid Holmes


Maurice Giblett was a gifted mathmematician and scientist, with exceptional tallent for organisation. After training as a meteorologist, he applied himself to research into the new meteorological concepts (weather fronts) and wireless technology relating to British Aviation. His work for the "British Airship Mission" led to him being responsible for the creation of a global network of wireless relayed Met information to prepare the path for the new intercontinental route of the Imperial Airship Programme. On the eve of success, his hopes and his life came to a firey end in the crash of the R 101.

His fascinating biography is produced by his daughter, Enid Holmes and is now availalbe to all those interested in lesser know areas of life and research, connected with the Imperial Airship Scheme.


Availalbe now Paperback 246 pages

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